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Home Remedies for Solar Keratosis

A solar keratosis is a scaly patch of skin caused by exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. This rough patch of skin often develops on higher points of the body that gets a lot of sun, such as the face, the arms, and the head. The growth of the scaly skin will range in size and in thickness. The size …

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The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Kelp

Kelp is a type of seaweed that belongs to the brown algae family. This alga grows in underwater forests aptly called kelp forests. Because kelp grows in a mineral-rich environment, it is one of the most nutrient-dense marine algae there are. Kelp is loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace amino acids and antioxidants too. If you’re wondering what the nutritional benefits …

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9 of The Most Important Trace Minerals

Trace minerals refer to nutrients needed by the body in a small amount to achieve optimal health. Also known as micronutrients, trace minerals include iodine, zinc, chromium and iron. To fortify organs and improve bodily functions, the body processes these nutrients. They are also utilized for enzyme and hormone production. Insufficient levels of micronutrients could lead to chronic diseases. There …

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