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How to Prevent Clumpy Mascara and Spider Lashes

We cannot deny the fabulous impact of lush lashes. Some beauties can even get away with just a few  coats of mascara and a lip gloss! But clumpy mascara leaves the lashes looking like dead spider legs and that is not a good look! Of course, removing your full face of makeup is not an option if you are dealing …

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At-Home Remedies for Fuller, Longer Lashes

Tired of dealing with sparse, thin lashes that are prone to breaking? Although there are treatments that could boost lash thickness and volume, there are ways to achieve longer lashes without spending a dime! In today’s post, we are revealing some of the best all-natural lash treatments found in your kitchen: Fruit and Nut Oils All types of natural oils …

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Tips and Tricks to Grow Thick, Lush Lashes Naturally

We all want thick, long lashes, but not everyone is blessed with amazing lashes. Good thing there are home remedies and simple beauty tricks you can use to achieve naturally long, fluttery lashes! Castor Oil It’s not an old wives tale, castor oil really is one of the most effective remedies for thin, sparse lashes. Just dab a little hexane-free …

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Factors to Consider Before Dyeing the Eyebrows and Lashes

Your lashes and eyebrows match your natural hair color. But for those who love to change their hair color, the eyebrows and eyelashes should be tinted to match the dyed hair. Also, if you are naturally blond, then your eyelashes and eyebrows would be so white, they’re almost invisible. That’s why eyebrow and lash tinting is so popular. It allows …

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