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Spa Treatments that Restore Skin Sensation

Skin numbness and tingling occurs anywhere in the body. Usually, these sensations start on the fingertips, arms, legs and feet. There are many reasons why decreased sensation occurs. The most reasons for unexplained numbness of the skin are aging, injury, and an underlying health problem. Certain types of spa treatments may help restore skin sensation as long as the symptoms …

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How to Build Stronger, Powerful Legs

There is a reason why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike never skip leg days! A rippling set of powerful legs will complement your equally muscular physique really well. The last thing you want is a toned upper body and skinny, chicken legs! But more than complementing your physique, strong legs allow you to take on any fitness routine and sports …

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5 All-Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps

It happens to the best of us, leg muscles suddenly cramping after an intensive workout. It’s one of the small annoyances of building a better, stronger body. Thankfully, you don’t have to grit your teeth and bear the pain. These all-natural remedies are sure to prevent yet another painful episode of leg cramping: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar Cramping is usually …

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How to Tone and Achieve Slimmer Legs

It’s important not to ignore the legs especially if you’re shooting for a sculpted body overall. Losing fat on the legs will not only help you achieve a slimmer frame, it will also improve your health. You see, too much fat in the leg area will increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Excessive fat stored on the legs …

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Buns of Steel: 4 Easy-Peasy Exercises To Tone Your Tush

Want to achieve a sleeker, sexier form? Don’t forget to tone your butt! The good news is, you don’t need to enroll to a pricy gym to achieve the buns of your dreams, just break out your dumbbells and do these simple yet ultra-targeted butt exercises and see the difference within weeks! Curtsy Lunge Although the classic lunge is a …

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Floor Exercises That Burn Fat

Think you need a gym and a lot of time to burn major fat and calories? Not true. There are exercises you can do at home that require no equipment – just a little motivation and a burning desire to get strong and lean. Next time you’re short on time and can’t get to the gym, try these very effective …

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