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Building a Strong, Lean Physique Through Sprint Interval Training

Sprint interval training is a type of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. This training involves a series of low and high-intensity exercises followed by periods of rest. As the name implies, sprint requires sprinting at a certain distance then walking back to the starting point. The sprinting is the intense exercise while the walk back serves as the resting period. …

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Possible Causes of Leg Cramps After Eating Bananas

Banana is a tropical fruit that belongs to the berry family. Bananas are popular snack food; a certain variety of the fruit called plantains are even used in cooking. Although bananas vary in size, color, and firmness, the fruit has yellow, red, or green rind and soft, seemingly sweet flesh. Bananas are some of the most nutrient-dense fruits in the …

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What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Ever found yourself with a restless leg even while you are at rest? If you do then this article can give you light on what a restless leg syndrome is. Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a disorder of the nervous system that affects the legs that causes an urge for it to move. It usually interferes with sleep which …

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