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Urobilinogen in Urine: What Does it Mean for Your Health?

Urobilinogen is a colorless by-product of reduction in bilirubin. This chemical is formed in the intestines through bacterial action on bilirubin. The normal value of urobilinogen in the urine should be 17umol/l. If there is a spike in the urobilinogen level via a urine sample, you need to have yourself checked by a doctor. An increased value of urobilinogen in …

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How Cinnamon Pills Can Help You Lose Weight

Cinnamon is a type of aromatic spice used in cooking as well as flavoring for desserts and baked goods. This spice is derived from a plant that belongs to the genus Cinnamomum, which is native to India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In folk medicine, this ancient spice is used as a treatment for infection, inflammation, and other health maladies. Certain studies …

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At-Home Glucose Monitoring Tips and Maintenance

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the body’s inability to regulate sugar level in the blood. Because the blood sugar level is unstable among diabetics, at-home monitoring is critical in reducing the risks of complications from the disease. In today’s post, we are giving you helpful glucose care and monitoring tips you can do at home: Do Home Blood …

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BANNED! 10 Foods That Lower Testosterone and Sex Drive

Is your sex drive feeling a little under the weather? You can pin the blame on low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a key player in the sexual drive of both men and women. Depending on the amount of testosterone in your body, you’ll experience an increase or decrease in libido. Just as there are “aphrodisiacs” that boost sexual desire, certain …

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All Natural Ways to Treat High Cholesterol

High level of cholesterol in the blood is one of the main causes of heart diseases. Fat plaques clog up the artery walls, causing blockages. These blockages could lead to stroke or heart attack. Diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup contribute to a person’s susceptibility to high cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL, and LDL. HDL is the good …

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All-Natural Ways to Boost Energy and Serotonin Levels

Is there a connection between weight gain and low serotonin level? You bet! Serotonin—commonly referred to as the happy hormone—not only regulates mood, it’s also our body’s natural appetitesuppressant. According to scientists, serotonin helps curb cravings, boost energy level, minimize the urges to snack, and keep you feeling fuller for longer. The end result—continuous weight loss! Unfortunately, serotonin is only …

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