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Beauty Tips for Fabulously Soft, Pink Lips

When it comes to beauty products, lip care choices are often limited to lip balms and lip scrubs. But there are creative ways to keep the lips plush, full and pink without spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products! Even better, you can do these lip care techniques in the comfort of your own home: Hydrating the Lips Hydration is …

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9 Places You Forget to Protect with Sunscreen

A little SPF protection can go a long way. Honestly though, you will have to do better than slather sunscreen on your body. Most people don’t get full and total protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, and you’re probably one of them. Here are 9 places you forget to protect with sunscreen. 1. Scalp The scalp is like human …

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5 Ways to Achieve Naturally Plump, Full Lips

Not all of us are blessed with full lips. Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve fuller, plumper lips without resorting to lip injections. But don’t fret! In today’s post, we are listing down super easy ways to improve the lip shape and achieve the illusion of plush pout: 1. Regular Exfoliation Exfoliation does wonders for the body, including the lips. …

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