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How to Lose Weight When You’re a Vegetarian

As a generalization, vegetarians are slimmer than their meat eating counterparts – but not always. Eating vegetarian doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to slip into a size six pair of jeans. In fact, some people gain weight on a vegetarian diet because they make the wrong food choices. Don’t let that happen to you. Here’s how to lose weight …

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How to Drink More Water

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis? Unfortunately, there’s no consensus as to exactly how much water a human needs on a daily basis. One suggested formula is to divide your weight by two. The result you get from this equation is the number of ounces of water you should drink within a twenty-four hour period. Keep in …

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How to Find Your Healthy Maximal Heart Rate When You Exercise

The four primary reasons most people exercise is to lose weight, relieve stress, strengthen their heart, and develop a more pleasing physique. The main reasons people don’t reach these goals is that they don’t stick with their routine and they don’t work out at a high enough intensity level. To get results, it’s important to achieve a healthy exercise heart …

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Lose Weight Naturally

What is really hard is to witness, is young girls, the age of eleven and twelve, complaining about their bodies and the fact that they are too fat. This obsession has really gotten out of control. If there is constant dieting, there can be problems with your health and worse; after being deprived of food for a long length of …

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Peanut butter: Beneficial or Detrimental in a Diet?

When it comes to spreads, peanut butter may rank as one of the favorites. We love the creamy goodness of this food that we pair them with jelly and fruits. As a child it became part of our daily snacks but as we get older we slowly removed this food from our diet thinking that it’s not healthy at all. …

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Reasons Why You Can’t Reach Your Goal Weight

Seems like no matter how careful you are about the kinds of food you eat or how long you spend pumping irons on the gym, you are still miles away from your goal weight? Keeping the pounds off takes an almost supernatural level of dedication and commitment. In this post, we are listing down the culprit behind your weight issues. …

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Setting The Record Straight On 4 Of The Most Persistent Weight Loss Myths

Shun Carbohydrates Carbs has long been tagged as a dieter’s worst nightmare. But it’s only so if you don’t make sensible choices in your diet. Most dieters tend to turn to high protein, low carbohydrate diets to lose a few pounds. While it’s true that protein-rich food is lower in calories, carbohydrates aren’t all that evil. In fact, shunning carbohydrates …

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Now

With the holidays behind us, along with all of the indulging and celebrations that go along with it, it’s time once again to think about shedding that extra weight. Holiday pounds are easy to put on and take longer to get off. But fortunately changes can be made to your lifestyle that will keep them off for good. It starts …

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Can Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?

It seems we encounter a new food or nutritional supplement on a daily basis that claims to promote fat loss. While some prove to offer a slight benefit in the battle to control excess pounds, many prove to be a disappointment. This leaves the health conscious person with few alternatives other than diet and exercise to battle those excess pounds. …

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