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Understanding the 5 Principles of Fitness

When it comes to fitness, it is not enough to develop a workout regimen to achieve a toned, sculpted body. To achieve a stronger physique, you need to understand and apply the five principles of fitness. Optimize your workout and achieve the desired results by learning more about the 5 principles of fitness: 1. The Overload Principle The overload principle …

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Family Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Together

We all know the health consequences of being overweight but solo weight loss can be such a lonely affair. If you’re worried that your husband and children may be packing on a few extra pounds, why not plan to lose weight together as a family? Losing weight as a family unit can make weight loss easier and much more fun …

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Two Things That Keep You From Losing Ten Pounds or More

Do you need to lose ten pounds or more? Shedding excess weight is a frustrating experience for most people. They cut back their calories, sometimes to an extreme, and start an exercise program – but see few results. In frustration, they fall back into their old eating habits – and sell their exercise bike at a yard sale. Why is …

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