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How Meat-Less, Low-Fat Diet Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

It’s widely accepted that a protein-rich diet may increase the risk of heart disease but is a meatless, low-fat diet any better? According to health experts, vegans and vegetarians are also prone to heart disease much like meat lovers. That’s because most plant-based diets trigger vitamin B12 deficiency. This B-vitamin is present in all meat products. When you are deficient …

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9 Foods Your Doctor Never Eats

“Eat healthy,” doctors always say. As health practitioners and nutrition experts, they advise people to eat [insert nutritious food here] so that they become healthier. Doctors also recommend foods that can help people prevent disease, achieve normal weight, and manage any existing health condition. But have you ever wondered which foods doctors don’t eat? Here are 9 foods your doctor …

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13 Things In Your Fridge That Need To Be Tossed

Although it is true that the refrigerator is an amazing appliance because it extends the life of food, storing food in your fridge for more than 4 days, is an absolute no-no. Cleaning out your fridge not only means food you keep in it will last longer but it can also improve your eating habits and in turn encourage you …

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