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Caring and Maintaining Curly Hair of all Kinds

There is nothing prettier than perfectly curly, bouncy hair cascading from the back, framing the face. But it takes a lot of work to maintain curly hair. Brush it too much and it becomes unmanageable, kinky and all over the place. Use too much product and it brings the volume down, the hair becomes greasy and unkempt. There are different …

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6 Ways to Maintain a Fast Metabolic Rate

While most of us struggle to lose weight, there are others who are blessed with a fast metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is a term used to describe the process in which the body expend energy per unit of time. Our metabolic rate differs greatly. Some are able to lose weight without changing their diet, others are unable to lose …

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How to Stop Premature Aging Right Now

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. It’s caused decreased collagen as well as weakened skin and gravity. But aging is accelerated by everyday stress, years of neglect and bad habits. The good news is, you can delay the inevitable. Read our list below to learn how you can delay skin aging: Eat Healthily and Cleanly You can eat your …

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