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Basic Training Tips For Marathon Newbies

So you’ve decided to run a marathon for the first time and you’re extremely excited about the idea of finishing a race. It goes without saying that you need to be in the best shape of your life to run a marathon. And to do that, you need to train hard! To help whip yourself into shape, we are giving …

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The Risks and Dangers of Running a Marathon

For decades, marathon running epitomized optimum health. After all, only the fittest bunch are able to run 27 miles, right? Not exactly. While long-distance running has its benefits, it does have a darker side. And sometimes, the darker side means dying for the love of the sport. Most athletes don’t discuss the risks and dangers of running. In today’s post, …

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Physical and Biological Characteristics of a Marathon Runner

It takes a certain level of discipline and commitment to be a professional athlete. For instance, pro marathon runners train relentlessly to achieve optimal fitness and endurance. They train to build a powerful physique capable of running long distances without rest. Their muscles are conditioned to work harder, push farther. Unsurprisingly, all marathon runners share physiological characteristics. And in today’s …

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