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Medieval Treatments Still in Use Today

Here’s a surprise: some of the medical treatments deemed as “modern” are actually hundreds of years old! Even more remarkable is the fact that some medieval medical procedures and techniques are still being used today. In today’s post, we are listing down common medieval treatments that are still in use today: Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy that …

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Important Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Med Spa

A medical spa – more popularly known as a med spa – is a facility that offers wellness and body treatments in a relaxing ambiance. The idea is to provide a comprehensive approach to caring for the patient during and after a medical procedure is conducted. Essentially, a medical spa features medical and aesthetics staff in one roof. This means …

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When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

Say you’ve been working intensely for the past hour and suddenly, you pull a muscle. Do you see a sports doctor right away or should you tough it out? A sports medicine specialist is a doctor that specializes in healing all types of sports injuries. The physician focuses on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports and physical activity. A …

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Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World

Medical tourism refers to the practice of traveling abroad to obtain health care. And in the past decade, Asian countries consistently top the list of medical tourism in the world. According to health experts, affordable yet effective health care services, treatments, and surgeries are the reasons why 85% of patients travel abroad to receive health care.  The most common medical …

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Common Medication Errors and How to Prevent Them

For most people, taking prescription medications is a matter of life and death. But what if the same drugs you think are saving your life is actually killing you slowly? According to a National Institutes of Health study, 40% of seniors aged 65 and up mistakenly take higher doses of prescription medication. The same study found that 55% of seniors …

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The Importance of a Medical Checkup Before Working Out for the First Time

So you’re starting a new chapter in your life by working out for the first time. You hired a personal trainer to get you started and you’re raring to live healthily. Before jumping headfirst into physical fitness, have you considered going through a health screening exam? Working out requires peak physical health. Unfortunately, most people overlook a medical checkup before …

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Facts About Medic Alert and Medical Identification Jewelry

A medic alert bracelet or medical identification jewelry is an accessory worn by those who are afflicted with severe allergy or chronic medical conditions. The tag features a small emblem. It can be worn as a tag or a bracelet, neck chain or placed on clothing. This emblem is to alert paramedic, physician, emergency department personnel or other first responders …

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Pros and Cons of Telephone Medical Consultation

When we need medical help, we’d often go to the nearest hospital in person for evaluation and medical consultation. But a new kind of medical service is aiming to make old school health consultation a thing of the past. It’s called telephone medical consultation and it’s designed to make health evaluations even more convenient for patients. What Is Telephone Medical …

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How to Prepare for Medical Abortion

Terminating a pregnancy for any reason is an upsetting and frightening experience for most women. You need all the support and help you can get from your doctor, spouse, friends, and family. Whatever type of abortion you will get, it’s important to know what you can expect and what steps you need to take to make the procedure as safe …

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