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Men VS Women Weight Loss: 4 Reasons Men Lose Weight Faster

No, it is not a myth, men lose weight faster than women do and this is a scientifically proven fact. But what does gender have to do with losing weight and how come men shed excess weight faster than women? Let’s investigate. 1. Food Preference: Women Love the Carbs According to clinical studies, one of the reasons women tends to …

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Infertility Causes and Natural Remedies

Infertility is the inability to conceive a child naturally. This condition can affect men and women equally. In some cases, a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full-term. Many biological processes come to play that cause this condition. In today’s post, we are listing down possible causes of infertility as well as remedies to reduce the chances of …

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What are the Benefits of Oyster Extract in Men?

Oyster extract is a type of health supplement derived from the essences of oysters, a shellfish. The extract is meant to amplify the nutritional and health benefits of oysters. More so among men who are suffering from reproductive health issues. Some studies found that oyster extract could improve prostate wellness, sperm quality, and promote better testicular health. Curious over oyster …

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Your Basic Guide to Men’s Perfume and Cologne

Picking a perfume isn’t as simple as one might think. Remember, you want a perfume that truly complements your style. This means, you have to take more time getting to know different scents. Don’t just buy a perfume because it’s a trendy new scent. Colognes and perfumes are quite pricey; you want your choice to be on point. In today’s …

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Does Alcohol Really Affect Women More Than Men?

Contrary to common belief that men and women of the same height and built will experience the same effects from consuming identical amounts of alcohol, women will get drunk faster than men. So the quick answer is yes, alcohol does affect women more than men. Why? A woman‘s body processes alcohol differentlythan a man’s. Clinical tests conclude that women are …

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