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Herbal Remedies that Promote Mental and Physical Healing

Did you know that mental and physical health are so closely connected that some ailments affect the body and the mind at the same time? And to address certain ailments, you need to heal the mind just as you would with the body. Certain types of herbs contain adaptogenic agents that rebalance the system, promoting healing without any side effects. …

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All About Tuning Forks: Introduction, Uses, and Benefits

A tuning fork is a type of two-pronged metal fork used as an acoustic resonator. Traditionally, this tool is used to tune musical instruments. The fork works by releasing a perfect wave pattern to match a musician’s instrument. The fork is painstakingly crafted so it emits a pure sound with fixed numbers of vibrations per second. It also generates a …

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The Health Benefits of Durian: The King of All Fruits

Durian is a type of tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. On the outside, the fruit has a tough rind with greenish brown spikes. The edible flesh of the fruit is sweet with a custard-like texture. The fruit also emits a pungent smell that could be off-putting to some. In Asia, durian is dubbed …

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How a Good Night’s Sleep Affect Your General Health and Well-Being

Ever wonder why the body needs to rest for at least 8 hours every night? How is a good night sleep significant to your health and well-being? A good night’s sleep does more than just banish dark circles or improve mood, it may very well lengthen your lifespan. In today’s post, we are listing down ways sleeping affects your health …

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The Mental and Physical Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient internal Chinese martial arts. It is practiced for training and its health benefits. Tai chi utilizes both hard and soft martial art technique. Tai chi is comprised of slow, deliberate movements coupled with breathing exercises and concentration. The right form is a critical part of every movement. Just like yoga, tai chi promotes a meditative …

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5 Ways to Develop Confidence and Achieve Positive Self-Image

No one is impervious to low self-esteem. At some point in our lives, we felt unhappy about ourselves. We will go through periods in our lives where our resolve and confidence will be tested. The key is to not any situation distort how you see, think, and feel about yourself. In the spirit of constantly trying to improve to become …

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