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Natural Remedies for Migraine

A migraine is no ordinary headache. It is a neurobiological disorder caused by disruption of the brain signals. Migraine headaches involve neurological and vascular changes in the brain, causing a wave of nerve cell activity and inflammation. All these leads to searing pain that lasts for 6 to 48 hours, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and …

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7 Great Smoothie Recipes for Migraines and More

Why settle for bad-tasting medicine when you can cure migraines with smoothies? You heard me. Everyone’s favorite summertime drink doubles as a natural remedy. With the right recipe, these thirst quenchers can do more than get rid of nagging headaches. All you need is the perfect blend of nutritious elements and you get a smoothie that can help with weight …

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Migraine Headaches – Can It Cause Stroke?

Migraine and stroke might seem like two different conditions altogether but some experts believe there is a complex relationship between the two. The underlying link between strokes and migraine is a subject of multiple investigations. According to researches, people who suffer from migraine have an increased risk of suffering a stroke during or after a “thunderclap headache.” A thunderclap headache …

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