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Amazing Benefits of Oat Milk

Oat milk refers to a beverage derived from the seeds of the plant Avena sativa. To make oat milk, the presoaked oats are hulled into broken fragments. Oat milk is popular among vegans and vegetarians. Because of its mild and sweetish taste, oat milk is often used as an alternative to dairy milk. It’s also an ideal substitute for skim …

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7 Foods to Improve Your Dental Health

1. Cheese Cheese, particularly cheddar, can do more than just flavor up your food and keep you from getting fat. A research study by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) shows that it can also protect your teeth from erosion caused by acidic beverages. How does it work? The insides of our mouths are acidic and have a low pH. …

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Benefits of Drinking Milk

You’re never too old to drink milk. Aside from providing essential nutrients to the body, good ol’ milk packs a lot of health benefits! But not all milks are created equal. In order to take full advantage of milk’s health benefits, make sure you choose organic milk. Organic milk—as opposed to regular milk produced from farmed cows—isn’t tainted with antibiotics. …

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