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5 Ways to Help Restore Energy Naturally

No matter how much sleep you get or how healthy your diet is, there are days when we’ll feel more tired. On days when your energy level is depleted and you want to boost your energy without turning to sugary treats or caffeine-based drinks, consider these tips: Stay Hydrated Here’s another reason why you should drink more water every day. …

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Food and Enzymes That Suppresses Appetite Naturally

It’s hard to keep your diet on the right track when you’re constantly craving for sweet, salty, or savory treats! And when the stomach is constantly grumbling, you can’t help but eat more. According to scientists, when the body senses that food is in short supply, it will start excreting the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. Ghrelin is not only …

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A New Way to Get Vitamin D – From Bread?

Most people don’t get enough vitamin D. The best source of this calcium-boosting vitamin that builds strong bones and prevents disease is sunlight. When bare skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D precursors on the skin are converted to active vitamin D. But not everyone gets enough exposure to the sun, especially during the winter. That’s why getting vitamin D …

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