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Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes fatigue, as well as severe, recurring muscle and joint pain. Other fibromyalgia symptoms include tenderness of the soft tissues, gastrointestinal problems, sleep disorders, depression, and poor mental focus. The standard treatment for fibromyalgia includes painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications, anti-seizure drugs, and antidepressants. However, drugs do not provide the perfect solution for fibromyalgia. Studies …

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The Pros and Cons of Rapid Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle for most people. This is the reason why the rapid weight loss industry is booming. As the name implies, rapid weight loss programs are meant to induce quick weight loss. Unfortunately, rapid weight loss can be unhealthy or downright life threatening. That said, it is possible to lose unwanted weight at a much faster …

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Practical Uses and Health Benefits of Horse Gram

Horse gram is a type of lentil used in Indian and Asian cuisine. In Ayurveda medicine, horse gram is known as kulthi. It’s used in various applications to treat digestive disorders, control blood sugar level and even treat obesity and diabetes. Curious about the practical uses and health benefits of this miraculous lentil? In today’s post, we are giving you …

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5 Reasons to Love Organic Makeup

The green movement prompted even the most hardcore makeup junkies to give organic makeup a second look. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream makeup brands use harsh chemicals that can speed up aging and even cause breakouts. Organic and natural makeup contains mild chemicals so they are suitable to sensitive skin. And just like regular cosmetics, mineral makeup comes in an …

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Gerson Therapy: Can It Really Cure Cancer?

Gerson therapy is a diet-based alternative treatment to cancer. It was developed in the 1920s by a German-born physician, Max Gerson. Dr. Gerson’s self-developed anti-cancer therapy is based on the idea that chronic diseases are caused by the lack of oxygen in the body. And you can get oxygen by consuming organic, raw fruits and vegetables. Dr. Gerson believes that …

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The Unexpected Benefits of Beer

You read that right, beer does have health benefits. As long as you drink this popular alcoholic beverage in reasonable amounts, you will reap the following benefits: Packed with Fiber That’s right, beer is one of the few drinks that contain fiber. Beer is derived from fermented malted barley and wheat. These are whole grains packed with fiber. The end …

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Juicing Vs. Blending: Which is Better?

When it comes to weight loss, juices and smoothies are all the rage nowadays. Although they are both essentially just fruits and vegetables in liquid form, they are fundamentally different in the way that they are prepared and have very different benefits. Let’s look at the differences between juicing and blending, and see which one is better for your weight …

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