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The Psychology of Overeating and How to Overcome It

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the number of obese Americans is rising at an alarming rate. Obesity puts you at a greater risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.  According to the World Health Organization or WHO, millions of people die from health complications stemming from obesity. One of the main causes of obesity is uncontrollable …

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7 Tips to Outsmart a Craving and Avoid Overeating

Cravings are caused by a sudden dip in glucose level combined with stress. No one is really immune to craving. But although craving is hard to ignore, there are many ways to nip it right in the bud.  In today’s post, we are sharing tips and tricks to outsmart a craving and stop overeating: 1. Stop Depriving Yourself This does …

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How Eating Off People’s Plate is Making You Fat

A hoover is a term used to describe a person that habitually eats off another person’s plate. And we’re all guilty of this habit. How many times have you tried finishing your spouse’s plate or take a bite out of a friend’s burrito? Let’s face it, most of us are hoovers at heart. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the reasons …

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Change Your Mindset About Food to Transform Your Shapeminde

Ever feel like your mind is out to sabotage your weight loss efforts? It’s not your imagination. A warped mindset could be the reason why you come across setbacks on your weight loss efforts. By changing your mindset for the better, you can transform your shape too! How? Consider these amazing techniques: Mindful Eating to Control Portions It’s so easy …

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How to Curb Hunger Without Overeating

It’s hard to keep track of your eating when you’re perpetually hungry. Unfortunately, most dieters are always hungry because the level of hunger hormones in the body increases. The body’s hunger hormones are leptin, ghrelin, and insulin. When these hormones surge in the body, a person has no other choice but to satiated himself. And often times, dieters wait until …

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Emotional Eating: How to Cope With Stress Without Overeating

Does stress, anxiety, anger, or sadness drive you to eat your way through feelings? Do you use food to cope with life’s ups and downs? Sounds like you’re an emotional eater. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating when you’re feeling sad or when you’re happy, habitual emotional eating doesn’t just result in weight gain, it could also lead to …

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