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The Health Benefits of Indian Herbs

Aromatic herbs and spices are a mainstay in most Indian households. These spices add flavor, depth, and health benefits to various Indian dishes. Apart from cooking Indian dishes, you can also incorporate these herbs to make healthy dishes at home. For centuries, spices and herbs have been used in Asia as a treatment for various health problems. Dozens of studies …

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The Amazing Healing Benefits of Curcumin

Curcumin is the active compound of turmeric. This chemical is composed of natural phenols that give turmeric its deep yellow coloring. This compound can be isolated and used as a food dye. Studies show that curcumin offers various health benefits. In a 2012 study, doctors tracked 121 patients who underwent bypass surgery during recovery. Half of the patients were given …

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Which is Safer: Fake Bake or Real Tan?

Much has been said about the dangers of getting a tan under the sun. Sun tanning is the leading cause of skin cancer, one of the most preventable types of cancer there are. It can also cause premature aging, cataract, and other ailments. Most people think that a spray tan – also called fake bake – is a safer alternative …

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The Beauty and Curative Benefits of Chocolate Massage

A chocolate massage is one of the best ways to harness the curative and beautifying effects of cocoa! A chocolate massage involves a mix of cocoa-based oils and rubs to massage the body and detox the skin. And if you’re wondering what amazing benefits you can get from a chocolate massage then continue reading below: Smoother, Firmer Skin How would …

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