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Kidney Transplant Donors Options to Consider

Kidney transplant – also known as renal transplantation – is a surgical procedure wherein a diseased kidney is removed and replaced with a healthy kidney from a donor. Usually, the donor is from a deceased patient or a healthy individual with two fully-functioning kidneys. There are various types of kidney donor and exchanges are also done to expand the donor …

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The Benefits and Dangers of Soy Protein

Soy is known as a healthy source of protein. Because it contains lower calories and saturated fats, soy is preferred by vegans and dieters alike. Although valued for its nutritional and healing benefits, there is a dark side to eating copious amounts of soy. And it’s important to know all about it before you increase your soy consumption. Benefits of …

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Foods for Healthy Pancreas

The pancreas might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about keeping the body in tip-top shape but this organ generates important enzymes to aid digestion. Other major organs—like the lung or the heart—may overshadow the pancreas but it plays a crucial role in keeping the stomach working efficiently.  The pancreas neutralizes stomach acids by …

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