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5 Ways to Deal with Parched, Flaky Skin

Do you suffer from perpetually rough, itchy, flakey and dry skin? Sounds like your skin could use a lot of TLC right now! The fact is, treating parched skin isn’t just about putting more products on the skin. The clothes you wear, your lifestyle, diet, the climate, and other factors also play a role in the state of your skin. …

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Easy DIY Oatmeal-Based Body Scrubs For Every Skin Concern

Oatmeal is such a versatile beauty ingredient. It helps soothe breakouts, exfoliate skin, and restore suppleness! Oats are also packed with amino acids that promote healing while soothing itchy skin! That’s why every major beauty company has a line dedicated to this nifty grain. But to save cash, we are sharing different types of oatmeal-based body scrubs you can whip …

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