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Herbal Remedies that Promote Mental and Physical Healing

Did you know that mental and physical health are so closely connected that some ailments affect the body and the mind at the same time? And to address certain ailments, you need to heal the mind just as you would with the body. Certain types of herbs contain adaptogenic agents that rebalance the system, promoting healing without any side effects. …

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All About Tuning Forks: Introduction, Uses, and Benefits

A tuning fork is a type of two-pronged metal fork used as an acoustic resonator. Traditionally, this tool is used to tune musical instruments. The fork works by releasing a perfect wave pattern to match a musician’s instrument. The fork is painstakingly crafted so it emits a pure sound with fixed numbers of vibrations per second. It also generates a …

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Dealing with Stress Through Massage Therapy

For most people, dealing with stress is something they have to deal with every day. Modern living means living a fast-paced lifestyle and this can contribute to stress. Stress is a biological reaction is rooted to our body’s flight or fight response. This occurs when stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline flood the system during stressful situations. The fight or flight …

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Painless Ways to Boost Physical Activities and Stay Fit

You do not need a gym membership to stay fit! In fact, you hardly need to perform intense workout to achieve a slender physique. There are so many ways to boost physical fitness to burn off more calories without spending hours at the gym. In today’s post, we are listing down painless ways to improve fitness: Take the Stairs No …

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Physical and Nutritional Techniques to Boost Athletic Performance

You might not compete to the Olympics, but your diet and exercise program should do more than just sculpting your physique. It should improve your performance, boost balance and strengthen your functional movements. Although there’s no fool-proof plan that can help you achieve better athletic performance, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you optimize your athletic performance: …

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The Physical Benefits of Yoga

We know that yoga keeps the mind, body and soul healthy. The slow, controlled movements tone the arms and legs. Yoga improves flexibility and strength. Regular meditation, breathing exercises and yoga lower blood pressure and protect from cardiovascular diseases! But did you know yoga does so much more than boost flexibility and strengthen the organs? Although yoga isn’t meant to …

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Physical and Biological Characteristics of a Marathon Runner

It takes a certain level of discipline and commitment to be a professional athlete. For instance, pro marathon runners train relentlessly to achieve optimal fitness and endurance. They train to build a powerful physique capable of running long distances without rest. Their muscles are conditioned to work harder, push farther. Unsurprisingly, all marathon runners share physiological characteristics. And in today’s …

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The Mental and Physical Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient internal Chinese martial arts. It is practiced for training and its health benefits. Tai chi utilizes both hard and soft martial art technique. Tai chi is comprised of slow, deliberate movements coupled with breathing exercises and concentration. The right form is a critical part of every movement. Just like yoga, tai chi promotes a meditative …

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