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Basic Four Week Workout Plan for a Fit, Muscular Physique

An average workout plan is 3 months long to achieve desired results. But this does not mean shorter programs are less effective. According to fitness experts, you don’t have to complete a 12-week program to achieve a fitter, toner frame. You can work out for as short as 4 weeks to achieve the same results. Of course, that means you’ll …

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6 Benefits of Yoga

In the west, yoga is a form of fitness activity that boosts flexibility and strength. But in the east where it originated, yoga is more than just a form of exercise. It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that’s been observed by Indians for hundreds of years. But one thing is for sure, practicing yoga is good for you! And …

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How to Overcome Weight Loss Roadblocks and Shape Up

For most people, losing weight is an uphill climb. Some people struggle with losing the extra weight and that’s not going to change. You see, losing weight is one thing. Maintaining your shape is an entirely different story. And for some, the commitment to losing and maintaining their shape prove to be too much. However, there are ways to get …

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Chris Hemsworth’s Workout: Achieving Thor’s Asgardian Physique

Chris Hemsworth is by no means a lanky lad before playing Norse god, Thor in the Marvel franchise. But in the comic book, Thor clocks in at about 500 pounds of pure Asgardian muscles. Hemsworth never lifted weights in his life prior to the role. Achieving close to this physique is quite a challenge. For Hemsworth, it’s important to bulk …

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Working Out to Achieve a Male Model Physique

The key to achieving a male model physique is balance. You don’t just work out to build muscles. You are not shooting to bulk up. Most male models have leaner, lightly defined bodies. They don’t look like bodybuilders at all. That’s because a chiseled, well-proportioned body photographs well. To achieve this body, you have to perform a range of strength …

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