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Achieve Beautiful Bronzed Skin with These Self-Tanning Products

Baking under the sun or via a tanning bed is bad for the skin. Exposing the skin to UVA/UVB light can lead to premature aging, hyperpigmentation, leathery skin, or worse, skin cancer. But if you want to achieve that enviable J.Lo glow without exposing your skin to harsh light, go for self-tanners. A self-tanner darkens the skin without sunlight. It …

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How Cinnamon Pills Can Help You Lose Weight

Cinnamon is a type of aromatic spice used in cooking as well as flavoring for desserts and baked goods. This spice is derived from a plant that belongs to the genus Cinnamomum, which is native to India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In folk medicine, this ancient spice is used as a treatment for infection, inflammation, and other health maladies. Certain studies …

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Dangerous Diet Pills and Ingredients to Avoid

To lose weight, you have to burn off more calories than you take in. This can be done through proper diet and regular exercise. But for those who are struggling to lose weight, they resort to the next best thing: diet pills. Diet pills are made from either synthetic or natural ingredients. They serve a variety of purposes such as …

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The Pros and Cons of Glutathione Whitening Pills

Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body through the liver. This compound is comprised of three amino acids: glycine, cystein and glutamic acid. Just like any antioxidants, glutathione protects the body from oxidative stress. However, concentrated dose of glutathione taken daily has a side effect: it can lighten the skin and even out the complexion. …

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for Weight Loss Pills

There is a whole industry dedicated to weight loss pills and these products come in a dizzying array of ingredients. As such, finding the right diet pill is an overwhelming affair. While diet pill endorsements aren’t always justified it’s hard to find out which diet pills are the right ones for you. So, what are the things you should look …

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Important Facts about Collagen and Fighting Skin Aging

The good fight against aging becomes easier when you know more about the key elements that could improve the texture of your skin. If you are an avid user of anti-aging products (who isn’t?) then you might be familiar with collagen. What is collagen and how can it help prevent aging? Collagen refers to the body’s structural protein. It’s comprised …

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Qnexa: Can This New Weight Loss Pill Really Help You Lose Weight?

Qnexa is a new FDA-approved, anti-obesity drug. The drug would be the first obesity drug approved by the FDA in 13 years. That fact alone got a lot of dieters taking notice. The Food and Drug Administration is known for its stringent standards when it comes to approving drugs. There is a long list of anti-obesity drugs that were rejected …

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