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Effective Tricks to Control Your Portions

You might not know it, but even a seemingly modest portion of food could contain several hundred extra calories! The fact is, satisfying eating is a mind game. To avoid unwanted weight gain, you have to fool your brain into thinking that you are eating more. These tricks help reduce the risk of overeating without sacrificing meal satisfaction: Use a …

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Winning the Battle of the Bulge by Improving Your Plate Game

The brain makes millions of decisions every day and most times, we do certain things unconsciously. Unfortunately, food makes the best distraction. In the thick of it, you could be making bad eating habits and you’re not even aware of it! Making little adjustments to your eating habits can go a long way. In today’s post, we are listing down …

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How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

For most people, being on vacation means an excuse to indulge on unhealthy foods. Sure, you can treat yourself every now and then but being on vacation should not translate to going all-out on unhealthy foods. But let’s face it, it’s hard to track one’s diet when on vacation. In today’s post, we are giving you easy, practical tips to …

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How to Enjoy Food and Eat Without Guilt

It’s hard to keep your diet in check when you’re out enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones. And let’s face it, you tend to overeat when dining out or when in good company. The fact is, you can enjoy your meal and have zero guilt. It’s just about being smart about certain choices you make when you’re eating. …

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