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The Power of Jump Roping to Transform Your Body

If you’re looking for a super fast and effective workout, you’ll want to consider adding jump roping to your fitness routine. It’s an exercise technique that can be carried out with a minimum of equipment and space and will give you heart and muscles a real workout. There’s no need for fancy clothing or a gym membership when you jump …

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Casein Protein: Facts, Types, and Benefits

Casein protein is the component of animal milk proteins. It’s roughly 80% of the total protein content of milk. Casein protein is prized for its weight loss benefits because it’s slow burning. Casein protein is also insoluble at lower pH. When exposed to stomach acids, it starts coagulating that triggers a slow, sustained rise of plasma amino acids. This is …

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5 Exercises to Increase Shoulder Mass and Power

To develop the shoulders and achieve a powerful torso, you need to understand the anatomy of the shoulders. The shoulder has three major muscle groups; each one interacts with the other to provide an optimum range of motion and stability. Triceps and bicep exercises stimulate the Anterior Deltoid, which is located on the front of the head of the shoulders. …

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The Benefits of a Boxing Workout

There is more to boxing than two people hitting each other until one knocks out the other. There is an art to this fighting method. It’s a sport that combines agility, stamina, technique, discipline and mental power into one serious workout. Boxing can help you overcome your physical and mental limitations. In today’s post, we are listing down the amazing …

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Best Exercises for a Powerful Grip

It’s important to build powerful grip to lift weights or perform intense exercises like deadlifts or pull-ups. A powerful grip translates to stronger muscles. Unfortunately, common gym tools like straps or weight-machine-based workout do not increase grip strength! In today’s post, we are giving you effective exercises that will train those hands for a powerful grip! Pinch Grip The pinch …

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Building Strength with Negative Training

At some point in your routine, you will hit the dreaded plateau. And if changing up your routine didn’t keep you from overcoming said plateau, why not consider negative training? Negative training is a fitness technique bodybuilders and power lifters use to build strength. It’s a technique reserved only to those who are serious about taking their fitness to a …

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4 Effective Ways to Build and Develop Cycling Power

When it comes to developing your cycling performance, it’s important to track your cycling power output. Generating more cycling power helps develop speed, build endurance, and improve your overall cycling performance. Whether you are competing for a triathlon or you’re simply looking to improve your play, it’s best to continuously work in developing your cycling power. We’ve listed down 4 …

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The Effects of Creatine

If you have gone to a sports nutrition store, you’re probably familiar with creatine pills, powder and liquid. Over the last years, creatine has emerged as the best supplement for people who are looking to build lean muscles and strength. While this is a popular protein, no one really knows what this supplement has to offer. That is why in …

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