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Eliminate Pesky Back Fat With These Moves

Some parts of the body are hard to tone. These areas include the upper back. In women, back fat becomes prominent when using an ill-fitting bra or tops that are one or two sizes too small. To tone this area, you want to choose targeted exercises. Targeted exercises help engage the smaller muscles under the armpits. It also eliminates fat …

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5 Excellent Workouts to Tone the Chest or Pectoral Muscles

Developing and toning the pectoral muscles is a critical part of any fitness/strength training or body building program. The chest is made up one single mass of muscle. However, this muscle could be engaged in different ways to tone all the areas. Think of it this way, the chest muscles are broken down into three: upper, middle, and lower chest. …

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4 Simple Pilates Exercises for Newbies

Pilates is a type of fitness system developed by German fitness expert Joseph Pilates, a former professional boxer, circus performer, body builder, and self-defense trainer. Joseph Pilates may have worn many hats but he grew up sickly and suffered severe asthma, rheumatic fever, and rickets. He was committed to improving his physical strength and dedicated his life developing the Pilates …

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The Rules to Master the Deadlift

The deadlift is considered the king of all exercises because it’s designed for advanced resistance training. Whether your fitness goal is to stay fit or to tone your muscles, the deadlift is the perfect workout to help improve your form. The deadlift engages larger muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and the lower back. It also targets the quadriceps. However, …

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Symptoms, Treatment and Avoiding Heart Failure

Heart failure is a serious heart condition wherein the heart loses the power to pump blood all over the body efficiently. It’s the weakening of the heart rate and increasing in pressure that slowly leads to the heart’s deterioration. When blood does not circulate in the entire body, the cells do not get oxygenized. If the body’s circulatory system is …

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5 Easy Yoga Exercises for the Elderly

You’re never too old for yoga. If you think yoga is strictly for fit, flexible youngsters, think again. Yoga is a very versatile form of physical exercise that it will work for older people too. In fact, research shows that yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress, prevent fatigue, and strengthen the body in elderly individuals. Regular yoga …

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