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6 Common OTC and Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

To control weight, doctors recommend adopting a low-calorie diet and combining it with regular exercise. But not a lot of people are able to drop weight as fast that’s why over-the-counter and prescription weight loss drugs are also recommended by doctors, especially for diabetic or morbidly obese individuals. At the moment, there are six weight loss drugs that are available …

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Outsmarting Wrinkles with Retinol

Retinol is a type of anti-aging ingredient derived from vitamin A. It was first developed in the 70s as an acne-fighting drug. Eventually, retinol has been used to treat a wide range of skin issues including warts, psoriasis, damaged skin, and yes, aged, wrinkly skin. Regular application of retinol will even out the skin tone, refine the skin texture and …

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The Dangerous Interaction Between Herbal Remedies and Prescription Medication

Modern medication is derived from herbal remedies used for thousands of years. In fact, it wasn’t until 150 years ago did we start using drugs made from a cocktail of chemicals. Although herbal remedies and drugs can work together to treat a certain ailment, some could cause adverse reactions. So always consult your doctor before mixing herbal treatments with prescription …

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