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Surprising Superfood: Health Benefits of Butter

For decades, butter has been receiving a lot of flak because it’s deemed as unhealthy; the root cause of heart disease and obesity. But believe it or not, health experts and scientists alike are now changing their tune. In fact, some consider butter as “health food” or even “super food.” So just how super is butter? It seems the media …

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Heart Attacks Also Happen in Women

When we talk about heart attack, we usually associate it with men but heart attacks don’t happen to men alone. In fact, there are many cases of women suffering from heart attacks too. However it is not too often that we hear about cases like this but the truth is, both men and women can suffer from heart attacks. Unlike …

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Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Wheat Allergy

Wheat is potentially dangerous to those who suffer from an allergy to this. Although wheat is considered to be one of the best foods out there, not all of us can eat this. What is wheat allergy? What causes it? Can it be prevented? If you are asking these kinds of questions then this article can help you with that. …

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