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Nasal Irrigation: Instant Relief from Sinusitis, Allergy, and Headache

Nasal irrigation – also known as nasal douche – is a practice that flushes mucus buildup from the nose and sinuses. To perform a nasal rinse, you have to use a pot with a long spout. This is called a neti pot. Although there are no scientific findings that support the benefits of nasal irrigation, it’s traditionally used to ease …

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Caffeine Withdrawals: Coping with Caffeine Headaches and Other Symptoms

Caffeine is a type of stimulant usually found in coffee seeds. It’s the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Most beverages with caffeine help relieve or prevent drowsiness, boost energy, and improve mental alertness. But too much of the stuff and it will cause tremors, palpitation, and disrupted sleep. If you cannot start your day without a hot cup of …

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5 Joint-Friendly, Low-Impact Exercises for People with Bad Knees

It’s hard to stay fit when you have bad knees! The solution: low-impact exercises. Low-impact exercises are the best for those who are overweight, those recovering from an injury, or folks who suffer from chronic conditions like gout or arthritis. Low-impact exercises are classified as such if one foot has to be in contact with the ground or if movements …

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Different Types of Eating Disorders Explained

Eating disorders are types of psychological disorders defined by abnormal eating habits until the individual’s health and physical appearance deteriorate. It’s accompanied by severe weight loss and extreme measures to lose more weight. Unfortunately, unless the person seeks life-long treatment that includes counseling and eating the right foods, eating disorders are notoriously hard to treat. In the US alone, more …

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What to Do When You Can’t Sleep

It’s past 3 in the morning and you still couldn’t get a shut eye. Insomnia is a medical condition when an individual have trouble sleeping or is unable to get enough sleep. Stress and anxiety are common causes of disrupted night’s sleep. Insomnia affects all age groups. Symptoms include difficulty staying asleep, not getting enough sleep, waking up in the …

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How Obesity Leads to 12x Likelihood of Complications in All Stages of Surgical Care

Here’s a sobering fact that might motivate you to stay in shape: According to the American Heart Association, severely obese patients have higher risk of suffering from fatal surgery-related complications 12 times than that of an average person. In a separate research, scientists conclude that obese people also have a higher risk of post-operative complications, including wound infection, heart and …

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How to Lose Weight With a Slow Metabolism

A slow metabolism could keep you from staying in shape. When your metabolic rate is slower than others, it means you have to work extra hard to get the same results. You will also need to watch what you eat in order to maintain your shape. A slow metabolic rate is usually caused by two things: poor diet or an …

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Coping With Garlic Allergy

Coping with garlic allergy may be hard for most people because garlic is one of the most common ingredients in many dishes. Unfortunately—because garlic is so widely used—not a lot of people allergic to it are aware that it’s causing them digestive problems. Now before we list down how to cope with garlic allergy, it’s important to determine if you …

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Red and Itchy Vaginal Bumps: 6 Possible Causes and Treatments

If you find yourself squirming in your seat because you feel an intense, uncomfortable itching “down there,” the first thing that comes to mind is sexually transmitted disease or STD. While one should not eliminate the possibility of contracting STD, especially if you’re having unprotected sex, there could be less serious causes for red, itchy vaginal bumps. What are Itchy, …

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