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Canned VS Fresh Foods: Which is Better?

Fruits and vegetables are a critical part of a balanced, healthy diet. These foods provide all the important nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. Although fresh fruits and vegetables have long been regarded as the superior choice compared to canned foods, research shows that fresh and canned foods might not be so different at all. The Pros and Cons …

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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo diet is based on Walter Voegtli’s concept that mimics a caveman’s diet from thousands of years ago. The diet inhibits the consumption of certain foods. These foods are those that are processed, farmed, or refined. For instance, legumes, root crops, alcohol, dairy, grains, and desserts are allowed on a Paleo diet. Only meat, seafood, fruits from fruit-bearing trees, …

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The 3-Day Perricone Diet: Food for Beautiful Skin

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is an American dermatologist, author, and weight loss expert. He is a respected beauty expert with a full line of skin and cosmetic products. In addition, Dr. Perricone develops various anti-inflammatory diets to achieve youthful, flawless complexion that gets better over time. One of these diets includes the 3-Day Perricone Diet. The 3-Day Perricone Diet promises youthful …

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An Introduction to the 3-Day Tuna Diet: Does it Work?

The 3-day tuna diet is a rapid weight loss program that involves a unique combination of food and canned tuna to lose weight. There are conflicting infos in terms of who developed this program. One of the proponents of this program is Dave Draper, a professional body builder. According to Draper, he always sticks to this diet to prepare his …

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Triathlon Equipment Dos and Don’ts

Dashing from a swim, racing on a bike, and running in one swift motion is hard to master if you are training to be a pro triathlete. But avoiding common pitfalls is one way to improve your performance. To help you on your journey, we’ve prepared a list of triathlon dos and don’ts to keep in mind: Triathlon Dos Do …

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The Pros and Cons of Rapid Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle for most people. This is the reason why the rapid weight loss industry is booming. As the name implies, rapid weight loss programs are meant to induce quick weight loss. Unfortunately, rapid weight loss can be unhealthy or downright life threatening. That said, it is possible to lose unwanted weight at a much faster …

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Pros and Cons of Using Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging

The growth hormone is a chemical produced by the body naturally via the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, which is a pea-sized organ that sits at the base of the brain, regulates growth and development. It also maintains other organs and tissues throughout life. But as we age, the gland produces fewer growth hormones. The slowdown of growth hormone prompted …

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The Prasouda Diet Explained: Introduction, Pros, and Cons

The Prasouda diet is a variation of the Mediterranean diet. Essentially, the program is comprised of fresh, organic whole foods and lots of olive oil to induce weight loss. But the difference between the Prasouda diet and the Mediterranean diet is that the former is more than a diet program, it is a lifestyle. The Prasouda diet is founded on …

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The Pros and Cons of Extreme Fitness Exercises

The best way to tone and sculpt the whole body is regular exercise. But for those who want to take their work out a notch, they turn to boot camp training and other extreme fitness programs to accelerate results. These training are unlike your average diet and fitness programs. It takes a certain level of fitness and discipline to complete …

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