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How to Eat Less and Feel Full Quicker!

Eat Slowly While it’s tempting to wolf down your entire lunch in five seconds because you’re busy and that hungry, eating at a relaxed pace can actually help you eat less and feel full quicker. It takes the brain 20 minutes of eating to send signals to the body that it’s full. Now, imagine if you ate at a fast …

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Vegetable Protein Substitutes for Meat

Want to go completely meatless but have no idea what types of meat alternatives are out there? We’ve rounded up several animal-free alternatives so you can get enough protein you need to build your muscles and maintain your svelte figure without the calories and cholesterol! Beans Beans are a superfood packed with antioxidants and essential minerals. It’s low in calories …

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Is Soy Milk Better Than Milk from Cow?

Of all forms of milk produced, soy milk is probably one of the best kinds. Don’t get me wrong, cow milk is also delicious but soy milk is something special. In order to answer the soy milk vs. cow milk issue, here are some things you need to know about soy milk. If you are allergic to dairy (cow’s milk) …

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