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How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Dark, discolored under eyes and puffy eyes are caused by many things. Apart from the lack of sleep, prolonged exposure to computer glare and a high sodium diet, these common beauty issues are caused by genetics and aging. Dark under eyes and puffiness are not serious health concerns, but they can make you look tired, unhealthy or older. Below are …

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5 of the Healthiest Cooking Oil

Health experts advise against using cooking oil regularly but for those who can’t resist fried foods, abstaining from cooking oil is a struggle. So if you must eat fried foods, at least use healthier cooking oils. There are different types of cooking oils and it’s important to know which ones are less damaging to the health. In today’s post, we …

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Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets to Try at Home

Ever wonder why the skin of Indian women looks lit from within? Or how their tresses always look shiny, bouncy and full of life? It’s no surprise that India is one of the first civilizations to harness the power of herbs and spices, creating natural beauty products that truly work. You will never use store-bought skincare products again once you …

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