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Banish Dry, Flaky Lips with These DIY Lip Balm Recipes

Suffering from cracked, dry, or flaky lips? An emollient lip balm could bring moisture back to dehydrated kissers! Most skincare brands offer lip treatments and balms but you can make one right at home. Even better, DIY lip balms are cheaper and more effective in hydrating the lips. Why? Store-bought lip balms contain menthol, salicylic acid, and other chemicals that …

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Natural Anti-Aging Serum Recipes

If you’re still fighting the good fight against aging then you’re probably familiar with anti-aging serums. Unlike day or night moisturizers that simply hydrate the skin, serums are packed with nutrients that protect the skin from aging. Serums work deeper into the skin to reveal clear, glowing, wrinkle-free skin! Unfortunately, serums are more expensive than your average moisturizers. Most serums …

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