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Weight Loss-Boosting Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

Meal replacement smoothies and shakes make the perfect weight loss drinks. Apart from being easy to prepare, meal replacement shakes are loaded with all the nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy! And these beverages are even healthier when you prepare them with fresh ingredients, not the store-bought, instant kind! In today’s post, we are listing down refreshing, delicious …

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The Pros and Cons of Meal Replacement Shakes

Some weight loss systems require meal replacement shakes to induce weight loss. As the name suggests, meal replacement drinks are used to replace a whole meal with a single drink. Although it is an effective weight loss aid, diet shakes have their own advantages and disadvantages. In today’s post, we are listing down the pros and cons of taking meal …

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Stem Cell Treatment VS Joint Replacement Surgery

Total joint replacement is the most widely accepted treatment for severe arthritis or extensive injuries in the knees and hip joint. The procedure is commonly applied to injured or aging individuals and the success rate of the surgery is reasonable considering that it’s a major surgery. However, joint replacement surgery should be considered as a last resort to maintain joint …

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What You Need to Know Before Getting Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A shoulder replacement surgery is a medical procedure in which all parts of the glenohumeral joint are replaced by a prosthetic implant. This procedure is often recommended for patients afflicted with damaged shoulders or chronic arthritis. How Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Works So what does total shoulder replacement surgery entails? This procedure is recommended only if there is no longer …

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How to Make Your Own Meal Replacement Protein Shakes at Home

Meal replacement protein shakes work best for those who want to switch from a high-calorie diet to a low-calorie diet. The concept is very straightforward; you just replace each meal with a protein shake. Although there are many types of protein shake available in your local grocer, they might not be for everyone. And you don’t have to depend on …

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How to Lose Weight With Whole Grain Cereal

You’ll probably agree that losing weight has its challenges. It can be hard to resist the many tasty food options offered to you at every turn from the hot, glazed doughnuts in the office break room to the bag of hot buttered popcorn at the movie theater. No wonder the obesity rate is climbing! Is there any hope? According to …

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