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Why Choose Tatami Interlocking Mats

Tatami is a traditional Japanese flooring mat made from rice straws. Newer varieties of tatami mats feature a compressed wood chipboards or polystyrene foam to enhance durability and cushion. Other types of tatami mats feature an interlocking pattern, allowing the mat to cover more space. Unlike traditional tatami mats, interlocking tatami mats can be adjusted to provide the right level …

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Super Easy Saffron Recipes to Impress Guests

Saffron is the most expensive and most coveted spice in the world. It is prized for its delicate flavor and its beautiful red coloring. This spice is versatile too! You can use it to flavor desserts and savory dishes. In today’s post, we are sharing our healthy and yummy saffron-based recipes: Classic Saffron Rice You will need 2 cups rice …

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Tips for Making the Perfect Risotto

Risotto is a classic Italian dish made with rice. This dish originated in north Italy wherein rice is cooked slowly with meat, fish, or vegetable broth. In Italy, risotto is served as a first course or before the main course. However, risotto Alla Milanese is often served together with Osso Bucco Alla Milanese. Risotto comes in different types and there …

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Is Rice Good for You: Advantages and Disadvantages of White Rice

White rice is the most common food staple in the world. In fact, most cultures eat white rice several times per day. Unfortunately, white rice has generated a negative reputation because of over-processing. The fact is, rice is not naturally white. The grains are refined to a point that they lost virtually 95% of their nutrition and minerals. This is …

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Health Benefits of Black Rice

You might be familiar with brown rice — the healthier alternative to white rice. But have you heard about black rice? Black rice—also known as purple rice—is a type of glutinous rice that retains its bran cover. The bran cover is packed with nutrients including anti-cancer properties. Black rice—when cooked—will have a black, burgundy, or deep purple color. It has …

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A New Reason to Eat Brown Rice

Brown rice is less processed than white rice – so it has more nutrients and fiber. Because white rice is stripped of its vitamins, it’s often fortified – a process which adds back some of the lost vitamins and minerals. Because of its higher fiber content, brown rice wins out over white rice in terms of health. Now, there may …

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