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The Amazing Anti-Cancer Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Mom was right, broccoli is good for you! We all know that this superfood is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world but studies show broccoli sprouts contain powerful cancer-fighting nutrients. Broccoli sprouts are vegetables that contain 50 times the anticancer properties of broccoli. In fact, broccoli sprouts contain about 1000% more nutrients than fully grown broccoli. All these …

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6 Foods Rich in Potassium

Potassium is an essential nutrient that builds muscles, improves nerve function and boosts better heart health. This nutrient is considered as heart-friendly because it lowers blood pressure by filtering sodium out of body fluids. Sodium is then safely eliminated from the body as waste. Potassium also keeps the arteries pliant. When the arteries remain flexible, they are able to withstand …

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Foods Naturally Rich in Minerals

Mineral-rich foods are a part of a healthy diet. Just like vitamins, minerals keep the tissues and organs healthy. The body needs these nutrients to manage various functions and processes – including building bones or secreting hormones. Some minerals also promote normal heartbeat or maintain better muscle function. That’s why make it a point to add mineral-rich foods in your …

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Antioxidant-Rich Foods That Delay The Signs of Aging

The skin loses elasticity and plumpness as we age. This is a natural part of aging. However, there are many things that hasten the skin’s aging process. Exposure to the elements, repeated tugging and free radical damage all contribute to premature aging. Free radicals are molecules generated by environmental stressors like tobacco smoke and exposure to UV rays. These molecules …

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