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The History of Root Beer

Root beer is a sweet, dark beverage flavored with the root or bark of the sassafras tree or the sarsaparilla vine. This drink comes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. Enjoyed for decades, root beer traces its roots in colonial times in America. Apart from the root or bark of the sassafras tree or the sarsaparilla vine, root beer is also …

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The Side Effects of Valerian Root

Valerian root is an herb derived from the Valerian plant. The valerian plant is native to Europe and certain parts of Asia. The herb has been used for centuries as an anticonvulsant, migraine treatment, and pain reliever. Although the valerian root is used in a variety of treatments, it’s prized for its calming, sedative-like effects. Using this herb is relatively …

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Benefits of Ginger Root

Ah yes, ginger, not all love this ingredient as they smell funky but did you know that ginger roots can help benefit your health in big ways? Ginger is grown as a root and is not only used as a cooking ingredient. In fact, ginger is also used in drinks like tea, bear or ale. It is also a good …

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