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Tips and Moves to Boost Vertical Jump

Professional basketball player, Michael Jordan was called “His Airness,” for his unique ability to make great leap in a single bound. But vertical jumps aren’t reserved for shooting hoops nor does it require special footwear. In fact, you don’t need years of training to add power to your vertical jump. In today’s post, we are listing down simple, practical tips …

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Jumping Rope Tricks for a Full Body Workout

Jumping rope is easily one of the best cardio workouts out there. But if you want to make jumping rope a part of your fitness routine, you can always tweak it to tone various parts of the body! Feel like expanding your jumping rope repertoire? Below are some of the best jumping rope exercises that will give you amazing results: …

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DIY Tennis Ball Speed Bag

A speed bag is a type of punching bag. The speed bag is filled with air then attached to a base on top of a rebound platform parallel to the ground. It’s used to boost a fighter’s punching speed, improve form and boost hand-eye coordination. The speed bag is also used to train a fighter to shift weight between feet …

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Increasing Speed, Endurance, and Agility Using Jumping Rope

Don’t skip rope jumping during your training; it’s an effective method to build speed, agility, and endurance! Pro athletes add jumping rope to their training to strengthen the legs, build running endurance, and keep the joints they use when running even stronger but with less impact. Jumping rope also helps maintain coordination and balance! This is why pro athletes like …

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