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The Beauty Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a type of cosmetic treatment that utilizes a mechanical apparatus to exfoliate the skin. The apparatus removes the outer layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. The exfoliation material is either made from diamond flakes or crystals. The procedure is meant to improve the skin tone, banish fine lines and restore skin luminosity. Microdermabrasion is suitable for …

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Rapid Weight Loss: Is It Safe?

The majority of people who struggle with weight gain all their lives find the idea of losing weight fast nothing short of miraculous. After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve a thinner, shapelier physique in just weeks? That explains why rapid weight loss programs have ballooned into a million dollar industry. But is it really safe to lose so much …

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How to Remove Acrylic Nails Safely

There is something about long, perfectly manicured nails that make the hands elegant. For those who does not have the time (or patience) to grow their nails, there’s always acrylic nails. Think of acrylic nails as an extension of the nails.  Acrylic nails are artificial nails glued on top of the actual nails. The synthetic nails mimic the color and …

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9 Shocking Facts About Pesticides

In the last few decades, health and environmental experts have uncovered dirt on chemical pesticides, causing it to earn a bad reputation. In fact, pesticide use is now discouraged by many despite its agricultural benefits. We can’t deny that chemical pesticides are bad for you, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are 9 shocking facts about pesticides …

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Super Sexy Skin Program Review: Can It Really Help Make Your Skin Glow?

Super Sexy Skin is a beauty program developed by Belinda Benn. She is a former global cosmetic executive who took a more holistic approach to keeping the skin healthy. She developed the Super Sexy Skin Program to help women slow down the aging process and achieve the skin they’ve always wanted. How Does the Super Sexy Skin Program Works? The …

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Safe, Effective Anti-Aging Ingredients to Look For in a Face Cream

As we age, the skin loses elasticity and suppleness. This is caused by years of skin breakdown. When the skin becomes less elastic, it begins to sag. Creases will also appear at various points of the face – particularly around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. A good anti-aging face cream should be able to delay the early signs …

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