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Fasting for Weight Loss: How Does it Work?

Fasting is a type of cleansing method wherein the consumption of food is reduced drastically for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be to detoxify the system, to lose weight, or to prep a patient for an operation. Usually, fasting is done to achieve rapid weight loss. In fact, most rapid weight loss programs are nothing but variations of …

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How Protein Supplements Boost Your Weight Loss Potentials

Protein supplements are a type of bodybuilding supplement used to increase weight, induce muscle growth and improve athletic performance. These supplements are typically made from whey, which is a milk protein, a by-product of cheese making. Studies show that whey protein contains the highest level of protein digestibility corrected amino acid score or PDCAA. PDCAA is the measure of protein …

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Dental Crowns or Implants: Which One is the Best Choice for You?

When it comes to restoring the teeth, there are several dental procedures that provide lasting results. The most popular are dental crowns and dental implants. Although these procedures are different from each other, the end result is the same: it helps restore a perfect smile. So which dental treatment is the right for you? To determine which treatment suits your …

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Facts About Wine Allergy or Tannin Sensitivity

Tannin is a group of plant-based polyphenols. All plants contain tannins, but the concentrations will vary from plant to plant. In its natural form, tannins are yellowish or light brown in color and come in flakes, powder or sponge form. Tannins are typically concentrated on the tree bark to prevent bacteria and fungi from harming the tree. Commercially, this compound …

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Remedies and Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a chronic condition that affects the colon or large intestines. Abdominal pains, cramping, diarrhea, gas, and constipation are the most common signs and symptoms of IBS. Unlike other forms of inflammatory bowel disease, IBS does not increase your risk of colorectal cancer. Usually, IBS is treated with lifestyle and diet changes. In today’s post, …

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Sugar Sensitivity and Intolerance: Symptoms, Signs, and Treatments

Sugar sensitivity is a type of biochemical condition that affects certain parts of the brain and a person’s behavior after eating sugar. This means the kind of food a sugar-sensitive person eats and the time they eat these foods will affect their mood and behavior profoundly. Sugar sensitivity makes any sugar-sensitive person vulnerable to any health effects of sugar. Generally, …

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