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Why is Shaving Oil Better Than Shaving Cream?

If you shave regularly, then you are no stranger to shaving cream. This product is a foamy, cream-based lubricant that preps the skin for shaving. It works by softening the facial hair for easy shaving. Shaving creams come in a variety of formulations. If you shave several times per week, then you can easily finish a can of shaving cream …

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Going Bald: How to Lose Your Hair with Dignity

You see it happening little by little every day: your hair is thinning out. You tried different ways to make the bald spots less noticeable until one day, you just can’t hide the problem anymore. Baldness affects 35 million men in the US alone. Poor nutrition, genetics, trauma, and certain medical conditions could cause baldness. And most times, people who …

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