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5 Exercises to Increase Shoulder Mass and Power

To develop the shoulders and achieve a powerful torso, you need to understand the anatomy of the shoulders. The shoulder has three major muscle groups; each one interacts with the other to provide an optimum range of motion and stability. Triceps and bicep exercises stimulate the Anterior Deltoid, which is located on the front of the head of the shoulders. …

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What You Need to Know Before Getting Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A shoulder replacement surgery is a medical procedure in which all parts of the glenohumeral joint are replaced by a prosthetic implant. This procedure is often recommended for patients afflicted with damaged shoulders or chronic arthritis. How Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Works So what does total shoulder replacement surgery entails? This procedure is recommended only if there is no longer …

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Shoulder Exercises to Build Mass and Power

Toned shoulders have a dramatic impact on your overall physique. You want your shoulders to become powerful, toned and jacked up. And you can do that through a series of targeted workout! In today’s post, we are listing down amazing shoulder workouts that will take those skinny shoulders to the next level: Hang Clean and Press Hands down the best …

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Exercises to Build Powerful, Solid Shoulders

Building defined, powerful shoulders start at knowing which muscles to target. The shoulders are comprised of three muscle heads: Anterior Deltoid, Medial Deltoid and Posterior Deltoid. The Anterior Deltoid sits in front of the shoulders. It works by flexing and rotating the arms inwards. To define this muscle, you need to do lots of bench pressing and chest training. As …

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Simple Stretches to Ease Sore, Painful Shoulders

Got painful shoulders? The shoulder muscles are some of the most used muscles in the body. Repeated movements—such as strenuous physical exertions and exercises—could lead to pain, swelling, and tenderness around this area. These simple stretches will help ease sore shoulders and even relax the neck and back as well as improve posture: Wall Stretching Stretching the shoulders against the …

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How to Fix a Stiff Neck or Shoulders

Waking up with a stiff neck or shoulders means nothing else but pain. It’s not only painful but very uncomfortable too. While pain often accompanies stiff neck and shoulders, it may also signify other underlying conditions. Of course there are many ways in which you can relieve the stiffness of your neck and shoulders but if the pain lasts more …

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