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How Prolonged Sitting is Killing You Slowly

Did you know prolonged sitting can be just as bad as not getting any exercise at all? A sedentary lifestyle puts you at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, from commuting to working, sitting for 7 hours straight has become a part of our lifestyle. Even when we relax watching our favorite soaps, we end up sitting too long on the …

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How to Stay Fit From Your Seat!

Did you know sitting for too long can kill you?  A study found that sitting for too long can lead to diabetes, heart diseases, and even premature death. The health hazards of sustained physical inactivity are far ranging. That’s why it’s important to squeeze in a few minutes of your time exercising! And you can do that even if you …

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The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

Lack of physical activity at work could be more harmful than you think. A new study shows that even if you exercise at the gym before heading off to the office, you’re still at higher risk for health problems if you do too much sitting during the day. According to this study, sitting too long in front of a computer …

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