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Spa Treatments that Restore Skin Sensation

Skin numbness and tingling occurs anywhere in the body. Usually, these sensations start on the fingertips, arms, legs and feet. There are many reasons why decreased sensation occurs. The most reasons for unexplained numbness of the skin are aging, injury, and an underlying health problem. Certain types of spa treatments may help restore skin sensation as long as the symptoms …

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Easy, Affordable DIY Spa Treatments You can do At Home

There is nothing better than capping off a rough day with a trip to the spa. But let’s face it, not a lot of people can afford to go to the spa every week. The good news is, you don’t have to! These super easy, DIY spa treatments will turn your humble abode into a relaxing haven! A Brightening Facial …

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Important Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Med Spa

A medical spa – more popularly known as a med spa – is a facility that offers wellness and body treatments in a relaxing ambiance. The idea is to provide a comprehensive approach to caring for the patient during and after a medical procedure is conducted. Essentially, a medical spa features medical and aesthetics staff in one roof. This means …

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The Amazing Benefits of a Spa Body Massage

Nothing like a full-body massage to relieve stress and ease tension after a rough day at work! A full-body massage involves manipulating and rubbing the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the skin to boost circulation and reduce stiffness. Regular body massage offer physical and psychological benefits too! In fact, massage therapy is a common treatment for various disorders and diseases ranging …

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Spa Products that Promote Healing and Recovery

Ever wonder why a trip to a spa leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged? Spa treatments, facial and body massages are comprised of healing techniques and ingredients with proven curative benefits. And in today’s post, we are listing down how these spa products do more than alleviate stress and recharge the mind: Clay Masks and Clay-Based Body Treatments From kaolin …

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The Many Benefits of Going to the Spa

A day in the spa is one way to melt the stress away. But did you know a regular visit to the spa is good for your health too? Spa therapy is comprised of various body, hair and skin treatments, each one designed to address issues related to stress. For example, yoga is meant to soothe frayed nerves while massage …

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