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How To Incorporate Yoga Principles Directly Into Your Weight Training Workout

Yoga is a perfect compliment to weight training because it teaches you how to remain fully present in each moment and to stay calm and focused when faced with challenging situations.  Yoga nourishes and revitalizes every cell in your body and restores depleted energy resources. Recover more quickly between workouts and experience renewed energy by adopting the yoga principle of …

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Natural Ways to Flatten the Stomach and Detoxify Fat Cells

A bloated, fatty belly is often caused by accumulated toxins in the gut. To achieve a flatter tummy, you need to flush out harmful toxins in the system! In today’s post, we are listing down detoxifying ways to achieve a flat belly without using drugs: Lemon Juice Did you know that lemon juice alkalizes the stomach and remove stubborn toxins …

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What are the 6 Most Important Pressure Points for Back Pain?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of alternative medicine that originated in China. In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, the body is comprised of pressure points in which the life force chi flows. If certain pressure points are blocked, positive energy cannot flow through. The blockages cause sickness including chronic pain. Acupuncture works by alleviating pain through the insertion of thin …

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Natural Ways to Soothe an Upset Stomach

Sometimes the littlest of aches are the most bothersome. From menstruation cramps to indigestion, an upset stomach could be caused by a number of things. They key to soothing stomachache is to eat foods that will not aggravate the pain. Spicy food, overly sour, or rich foods should be avoided when your stomach is painful. On the other hand, below …

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Characteristics of Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer occurs when lesions develop on the stomach’s mucus membrane lining. The stomach has a shield of mucous to protect itself from gastric juices, the substance that digests and processes the food we eat. Also known as peptic ulcer, stomach ulcer develops when the protective shield of your gut starts to thin out, eventually breaking to expose the soft, …

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Do You Suffer from a Rumbling Stomach After Eating?

Do you experience the sensation of your stomach rumbling after eating a meal? This common problem can be frustrating for the thousands of people who suffer with it every day. The scientific name for this condition is borborygmus which is a word used to describe the sound made by gas and air moving through the intestinal tract. Some people who …

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