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Your Basic Guide to Men’s Perfume and Cologne

Picking a perfume isn’t as simple as one might think. Remember, you want a perfume that truly complements your style. This means, you have to take more time getting to know different scents. Don’t just buy a perfume because it’s a trendy new scent. Colognes and perfumes are quite pricey; you want your choice to be on point. In today’s …

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Ectomorph: Definition and the Best Training for Your Body Type

Ectomorph refers to a body type characterized by a skinny, tall frame, longer limbs, and small bones. Those who belong to this body type have very little body fat and muscles. Other defining characteristics of this group is a linear frame, small buttocks, and chest as well as fast metabolic rate leading to difficulty in gaining weight or muscle mass. …

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Setting The Record Straight on These Barbell Strength Training Myths

Barbell strength training is one of the best methods of increasing muscle mass and developing power. If your fitness goal is to increase strength, above all else, this is the right training for you. Contrary to popular belief, barbell strength training isn’t just about bulking up. There is more to this training than building the body. Depending on what kind …

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Building Strength with Negative Training

At some point in your routine, you will hit the dreaded plateau. And if changing up your routine didn’t keep you from overcoming said plateau, why not consider negative training? Negative training is a fitness technique bodybuilders and power lifters use to build strength. It’s a technique reserved only to those who are serious about taking their fitness to a …

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Which Is Better: Strength Training or Cardio Exercise?

It used to be that in order to stay fit, one has to spend hours pumping iron in the local gym. These days, most fitness experts recommend a combination of different exercise regimens to achieve maximum weight loss results. Perhaps two of the most popular types of exercises today are weight or strength training and cardiovascular exercise. But which of …

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