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8 Reasons Why Buttermilk is Good for You!

Buttermilk – also known as chaas – is a dairy drink made from watered down curd. As with most dairy products, buttermilk is extremely high in essential nutrients including calcium. But unlike average dairy products, chaas contain less fat so it’s good for the heart! Want to know more about the nutritional benefits of this soothing drink? Below are 8 …

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is a tea that originated in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. The pale-yellow tea features a light, floral aroma and a slightly spicy, musky flavor. Darjeeling tea comes in black, white, green and oolong tea varieties. Just like any tea, Darjeeling tea is packed with beneficial compounds, which we will highlight in today’s post. Below are …

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