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Beat Summer Stress with These Tips

For some people, summer time means having fun under the sun but for others, the heat can be quite stressful. This goes especially for those who have small children. Too many activities and humidity will leave you sweaty, cranky, and parched. So how can you manage stress when the heat is rising? Consider these tips: Take a Cold Shower Temperature …

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Avoiding Respiratory Issues During Summer Season

Changes in temperature have a profound effect on the lungs. Hot, humid weather aggravate lung disorders that’s why hospitalization rates increase during the summer season. According to a European research, the combined effect of hot air temperature and humidity can disrupt the body’s ability to cool itself. Taking into account air pollution, researchers found that respiratory-related hospitalization increases by over …

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Summer Salads: Simple, Fast and Healthy Recipes

Summer’s the best time to eat salads because there is no shortage of fresh produce! Salads make the perfect starter because they are filling, healthy and delicious. You can also add a reasonable amount of lean protein to make your summer salad a complete meal! But forget about store-bought salads. They are loaded with unnecessary trimmings! The best summer salad …

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Summer Diet Ideas for a Beach-Ready Body

Summer season’s the perfect time to rev up your weight loss efforts to maintain a svelte figure. But don’t be intimidated into depriving yourself to achieve a beach-ready bod! Starving yourself to maintain your weight will have serious repercussions to your health. Instead, keep these nifty diet tricks in mind: Indulge on Broth-Based Soups Thanks to the warm temps, summer’s …

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Summer Diet Tips

The summer season is upon us, it’s time to trim that winter belly! As the temperature rises, you have to work extra hard to tone and define your body. Let’s face it, the hot, humid weather makes exercising a lot less desirable. Don’t fret! In today’s post, we are listing down healthy summertime diet tips to whip your butt into …

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